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Samsung Remote (BN59-01220E) for Select Samsung TVs - Black

Samsung Remote (BN59-01220E) for Select Samsung TVs - Black

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Samsung Remote Control. Black color design. Model BN59-01220E (also known by RMCTPJ1AP2) Requires 2x AA Batteries. No batteries included.

Compatible with Samsung UE32J5500AW, UE32J5550, UE32J6350, UE40J6250, UE40JU6070UXZG, UE43J5500AW, UE48J6200, UE48J6250SU, UE48J6350SU, UE48JU6000K, UE48JU6050U, UE50J5505AK, UE50J6200, UE55J5550, UE55J6200AK, UE55JU6450, UE55JU6480, UN32J550D, UN32J550DAFXZA, UN32J5500, UN32J5500AFXZA, UN32J6300AF, UN32J6300AFXZA, UN40J550D, UN40J550DAFXZA, UN40J5500, UN40J5500AFXZA, UN40J6300AF, UN40J6300AFXZA, UN40JU650DFXZA, UN40JU710D, UN40JU710DFXZA, UN40JU6500BXZA, UN40JU6700, UN40JU6700F, UN40JU6700FXZA, UN40JU7100, UN40JU7100F, UN40JU7100FXZA, UN40JU7500F, UN40JU7500FXZA, UN48J550D, UN48J550DAFXZA, UN48J5500, UN48J5500AF/XZA, UN48J5500AFXZA, UN48J6300AF, UN48J6300AFXZA, UN48JS850D, UN48JS850DFXZA, UN48JS8500, UN48JS8500F, UN48JS8500FXZA, UN48JS9000F, UN48JS9000FXZA, UN48JU6500F, UN48JU6500FXZA, UN48JU6700, UN48JU6700F, UN48JU6700FXZA, UN48JU7500FXZA, UN50J550D, UN50J550DAFXZA, UN50J5500, UN50J5500AFXZA, UN50J6300AF, UN50J6300AFXZA, UN50JS7000, UN50JS7000FXZA, UN50JU650DFXZA, UN50JU710D, UN50JU710DFXZA, UN50JU6401FXZA, UN50JU6500FXZA, UN50JU7100, UN50JU7100F, UN50JU7100FXZA, UN55J6300AF, UN55J6300AFXZA, UN55J6300AFXZC, UN55JS700DFXZA, UN55JS850D, UN55JS850DFXZA, UN55JS7000FXZA, UN55JS7000FXZC, UN55JS8500, UN55JS8500F, UN55JS8500FXZA, UN55JS9000F, UN55JS9000FXZA, UN55JU650DFXZA, UN55JU670, UN55JU670DF, UN55JU670DFXZA, UN55JU710D, UN55JU710DFXZA, UN55JU6500FXZA, UN55JU6700, UN55JU6700F, UN55JU6700FXZA, UN55JU6700FXZC, UN55JU7100, UN55JU7100F, UN55JU7100FXZA, UN55JU7500F, UN55JU7500FXZA, UN60J6300AF, UN60J6300AFXZA, UN60JS700DFXZA, UN60JS7000FXZA, UN60JU650DFXZA, UN60JU710D, UN60JU710DFXZA, UN60JU6500FXZA, UN60JU7090FXZA, UN60JU7100, UN60JU7100F, UN60JU7100FXZA, UN65J630DAF, UN65J630DAFXZA, UN65J6300AF, UN65J6300AFXZA, UN65JS850D, UN65JS850DF, UN65JS850DFXZA, UN65JS8500, UN65JS8500F, UN65JS8500FXZA, UN65JS9000FXZA, UN65JS9500F, UN65JS9500FXZA, UN65JU650DFXZA, UN65JU670, UN65JU670DF, UN65JU670DFXZA, UN65JU710D, UN65JU710DFXZA, UN65JU750DF, UN65JU6500F/XZA, UN65JU6500FXZA, UN65JU6700, UN65JU6700F, UN65JU6700FXZA, UN65JU7100, UN65JU7100F, UN65JU7100FXZA, UN65JU7500F, UN65JU7500JXZA, UN75J630DAF, UN75J630DAFXZA, UN75J6300AF, UN75J6300AFXZA, UN75JU641DFXZA, UN75JU650DFXZA, UN75JU710D, UN75JU710DFXZA, UN75JU6500FXZA, UN75JU7100, UN75JU7100F, UN75JU7100FXZA, UN78JS9100F, UN78JS9500F, UN78JU7500F, UN78JU7500FXZA, UN85JU7100, UN85JU7100F, UN85JU7100FXZA
Model Number: BN59-01220E


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