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LG Remote Control (AKB75375604) for Select LG TVs - Black

LG Remote Control (AKB75375604) for Select LG TVs - Black

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Original LG brand, (AKB75375604) TV Remote Control - Black. Requires 2x AAA Batteries (Not included).

Compatible with LG 32LK540BPUA 32LK610BBUA 32LK610BPUA 43LK5400PUA 43LK5700BUA 43LK5700PUA 43LK5750PUA 43UK6090PUA 43UK6200PUA 43UK6250PUB 43UK6300BUB 43UK6300PUE 43UK6350PUC 43UK6500AUA 43UK6550PUB 49LK5400PUA 49LK5700BUA 49LK5700PUA 49LK5750PUA 49SK8000PUA 49SK8050PUA 49UK6090PUA 49UK6200PUA 49UK6250PUB 49UK6300BUB 49UK6300PUE 49UK6350PUC 49UK7500PUA 49UK7700AUB 49UK7700PUD 50UK6090PUA 50UK6300BUB 50UK6300PUE 50UK6350PUC 50UK6500AUA 50UK6550PUB 55SK8000AUB 55SK8000PUA 55SK8050PUA 55SK8550PUA 55SK9000PUA 55SK9500PUA 55UK6090PUA 55UK6200PUA 55UK6250PUB 55UK6300BUB 55UK6300PUE 55UK6350PUC 55UK6500AUA 55UK6550PUB 55UK7500PUA 55UK7700AUB 55UK7700PUD 60UK6090PUA 60UK6200PUA 60UK6250PUB 65SK8000AUB 65SK8000PUA 65SK8050PUA 65SK8550PUA 65SK9000PUA 65SK9500PUA 65SK9550PUA 65UK6090PUA 65UK6200PUA 65UK6300BUB 65UK6300PUE 65UK6350PUC 65UK6500AUA 65UK6550PUB 65UK7500PUA 65UK7700AUB 65UK7700PUD 70UK6190PUB 70UK6550PUA 70UK6570AUB 70UK6570PUB 75SK8050PUA 75SK8070AUB 75SK8070PUA 75UK6190PUB 75UK6270PUB 75UK6570AUA 75UK6570PUA 75UK6570PUB 86UK6570AUA 86UK6570PUA 86UK6570PUB 86UK7570PUB OLED65W8PUA OLED77W8PUA


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